Why You Should Learn As Much As You Can About Excel

It’s Not Just About Making Columns of Numbers

Patrick Fluke


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Why Learn About Excel

Excel is ubiquitous in modern office spaces around the world. There are alternatives, of course, but by and large, you can find Excel almost anywhere, on any operating system. When you decide to learn about Excel, you are making a career decision that will help you in ways you can’t even imagine.

Excel is useful for preparing charts, worksheets, performing calculations, comparing data, and so much more. In an increasingly data-driven society, we all need to understand that completing calculations on large sets of data will be increasingly important in the workplace.

These are the reasons why I originally wanted to learn about Excel. Even if Excel becomes outdated or is no longer used in your workplace, the basic concepts remain the same within other programs. Even making the jump to Access, or any of a plethora of other database-style programs will be made more accessible by the experiences you have with Excel.

Every office I’ve ever been in seems to have a guru. Sometimes that’s me. Other times the position is filled when I join a team. This arrangement usually works for a while, but there are some inevitable consequences to this situation.

  • There’s a good chance that a person will eventually move on, and someone will be required to maintain what they’ve built;
  • The person who’s best equipped to handle the task will usually be given it. This situation may be okay if you want less work, but where will management look come time for the next promotion; and
  • You may be required to complete a task with that you lack the skills to complete. If that is the case, you may be stuck having to ask your guru for help repeatedly.

Now, learning the program isn’t tricky, and you can learn about Excel in no time at all. If you put in the time, there are plenty of courses on sites like this one, or even Udemy or YouTube, which can teach you the basics. Depending on your fluency with Excel to begin, it may take far less time than you think to become the pro.

The Basics



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