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Patrick Fluke
4 min readJan 12, 2023

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Getting paid to write stuff online is an excellent opportunity if you know how to go about getting one of those freelance writing jobs. These jobs could be writing articles, stories, and maybe even scripts for tv shows, movies, and Youtube videos. The best part of it is that you can work right in your home, there is no need to have a huge commute!

So what steps should you be taking to start down the road to freelance writing jobs?

  • Make sure your writing is up to par. Being a good writer doesn’t mean you’re the best of the best. It means you’re practicing as much as possible, and part of that practice is reading. Read anything you can, books, magazines, blogs, and newspapers. The written word is your friend.
  • You’ll need a computer and an internet connection. Without these, you won’t be much good as a Freelancer. If you don’t have them, perhaps you could work in a local library?
  • Writing jobs can be found online. There are plenty of them, but before you have established yourself as a writer with a portfolio it can take some time to snag the big clients. There are however plenty of websites for beginners, and feel free to ask family and friends if they know anyone looking for a writer!
  • Practice, and keep getting better. The more you write the better you’ll get at it. One word at a time.

Being successful at freelance writing jobs doesn’t happen overnight, and it will take time before you start seeing your new career coming together. If you have the willpower to stick to it this could be a brand new era in your life. If you can’t find paid jobs right away, don’t be afraid to start a blog, send letters to the editor, and do anything else you can think of to get your written word out there!

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