How to Write for Affiliate Marketing Without Just Being Spam

Patrick Fluke
7 min readFeb 23, 2023

We’ve all seen it. All around the net there are hundreds of thousands of articles that give you nothing more than you arrived with, and encourage you to click your way through to the next affiliate marketing link as fast as possible. Into the funnel please! We’ve all seen it, and worse, we can all see right through it.

Affiliate marketing is a term that describes advertising a product on behalf of another as an affiliate. The affiliate will produce content, in any number of forms, that carries with it, in one way or another, the ads for the product that is being advertised. When the end-user makes a purchase from one of these links, the affiliate marketer often receives a commission, and this arrangement is beneficial for both the advertiser and the affiliate. It’s a win/win.

For moving products, however, being overly spammy might get you a few sales, but it definitely isn’t going to get the kinds of sales that affiliate marketers dreaming. To get those kinds of sales, you’ve got to create content that the consumer actually likes to consume. Further to not being enjoyable, spammy content can ruin your reputation and you’ll lose any credibility that you’ve built up with your audience. Over time these hits will damage your bottom line as well.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few things that will help you to better serve your audience, and as a result, look a whole lot less spammy at the end of the day.

You Need To Understand Your Audience

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There are a few different kinds of affiliate marketers out there aren’t there? You’ve got your marketers that simply log onto ChatGPT and pump out as many articles as they can in as little time as possible and have sites filled with hundreds of thousands of seemingly unique, yet somewhat odd stories. You’ve got your marketers that replicate the same dance in different locations on TikTok. Then there’s everything in between.

Both of these strategies are repetitive, and won’t earn you the same kind of credibility that you may want in order to be a successful affiliate…



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