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Patrick Fluke
4 min readJan 12, 2023

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In the vast world of freelance writing jobs, online writers can also make money by writing online reviews. There are plenty of websites to write reviews that can be found around the web. Some people are even being paid to write reviews online, and you can get in on it too!

  • Find websites around the web that will pay for reviews. There are plenty of them that will pay you to write reviews for their products and services. Look online for “get paid to write reviews” or “get paid to rate and review products” to find some of these websites. An example site could be WriteAppReviews.com.
  • Sign up on reviewer sites. Once you’ve found a website you want to work with, you will likely have to go through a signup process. Usually, this will involve creating an account and filling out your information in a web form.
  • Be honest. I know it can be tempting when someone is paying you to throw your integrity out the window and give them the best review they could pay for but really this won’t help their brand and they know it. A great review leading to a purchase of a sub-par product leads to angry negative reviews. As a person trying to build a portfolio of freelance writing jobs, that’s going to look bad on you too!
  • Getting paid. The best part right? Once your review is written the website will usually verify that the review was posted, there may be a waiting period, and then you’ll be paid. The amount of money will likely depend on the site you’re working with and the length of your review.

It can be a lot of fun to review products. Once you’ve built up your reputation as a reviewer you may even be offered free products in exchange for you to review them. This is a career like any other and you’ll see your opportunities and influence grow.

Writing online reviews can be a great way to make money, but you have to understand and follow the rules of the website that you’re working for. Also remember to keep in mind that if you aren’t honest, you are going to lose credibility with your readers.



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