Enhancing Realism in a Game

How the things you place in your world directly affect the immersion your player feels.

What Are Your Options?

Of course, without spending an insane amount of time being incredibly meticulous, you’re going to have this happen once or twice in your game. If you are like me you want your game today, not tomorrow, not next month, you want to get to release. That’s why I am going to go over a few things that you can do to minimize the chance of destroying the illusion of realism in a game that you have worked so hard for. Here we go.

  1. Another important thing to note is that for objects with collision, you want to have a simple collision box, but you don’t want to have it so complex that it destroys your scene. Assets built for background purposes should really have a low polygon count as well so as not to impact the performance of your game. No matter how realistic the clutter in your game looks, a pencil with 17M faces spawned 17 times in a room is going to hit your performance big time.
  2. Try to think about where you are actually placing these items. Are the pencils on a desk or in a safe? Sure, you might find pencils in a safe, but if it doesn’t feel like it was put there naturally, it had better be part of the story you’re trying to tell.

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