You know, in today’s world it’s easy to forget to spend a few minutes with the people around you. Have you ever thought of making games with your kids? The bonus of game development is that, in general, kids love games. You know what else? They tend to love making…

Should You Use It?

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If you’re interested in Game Development then you’ve no doubt stumbled upon the Unity Real-Time Development Platform game engine in your travels. If you haven’t, or if you simply want to know more, then let me introduce you to the Unity Real-time Development Platform. Often referred to as Unity, Unity…

Civilians are blasting off into space, and there’s no stopping it now.

Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

The marble that we call Earth… home really, has both enthralled and contained us since the dawn of our sentience. For two-hundred thousand years, Homo sapiens have roamed this Earth, never tiring of the amazing things they could find, discover, create, and behold.

It’s been a blast.

But there’s more…

How the things you place in your world directly affect the immersion your player feels.

Trying to achieve realism in a game is a huge multi-faceted venture. Have you ever been playing a game and something just seems off? You look around, and sure there’s plenty of clutter on the desks but overall it just doesn’t seem like ‘stuff’ would be spread out that way…

Sound effects are integral to how your game is perceived by the player, and you’re here to make an explosion for your game today. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a car that we can blow up to get that perfect, license-free explosion sound.

Fortunately, there is a free tool called Audacity that allows you to edit sounds on your computer, and you know what we’re going to start with? A clap. That’s it. We’re going to start with a clap and end with a believable explosion sound. So let’s get to it!

Step by Step Instructions to Make An Explosion Sound with Audacity

  • The…

When it comes to new people wanting to dip their toes into the world of game development, there are always going to be a few questions. If you’re wondering about some of the more common questions for game developers, you’re in luck, we’ll be discussing a few of them here…

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