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You know, in today’s world it’s easy to forget to spend a few minutes with the people around you. Have you ever thought of making games with your kids? The bonus of game development is that, in general, kids love games. You know what else? They tend to love making games too! If you’ve got children, or a younger brother or sister, take the opportunity to share what you can with them!

Tonight, my son and I took a spin with the Lego tutorial from Unity. I’ve got to say, it went pretty well all things considered. The tutorial walks you through each step of the way, and you accomplish small goals as you go. Overall, the game making process was turned into a game itself. All while building real skills which he can then turn around and use to make his own games someday! …

Sound effects are integral to how your game is perceived by the player, and you’re here to make an explosion for your game today. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a car that we can blow up to get that perfect, license-free explosion sound.

Fortunately, there is a free tool called Audacity that allows you to edit sounds on your computer, and you know what we’re going to start with? A clap. That’s it. We’re going to start with a clap and end with a believable explosion sound. So let’s get to it!

Step by Step Instructions to Make An Explosion Sound with Audacity

  • The first step to make an explosion for your game today is to install Audacity if you have not already done so. Click here to go to Audacity’s download page.
  • Once you’ve installed and run Audacity, you should see the following.
  • Let’s do some preparation work. Leaving about a third of the trailing sound, select the rest and then press delete to remove the sound. Then, select from the beginning of the track until just before the clap starts, and then press delete. This will ensure that your explosion occurs on demand. …

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I stumbled upon a question on Quora not too long ago asking “is the Unity 3D game engine as good as other engines?” I thought the question was kind of entertaining, to say the least, but then I stewed on it for a couple of days. Some of the answers seemed to imply that Unity isn’t as feature-rich. That it can’t compete, and that if you want to make a AAA quality game you’d best look elsewhere.

I have to say, that has me completely shocked. Not because it was asked, but rather because some of the answers seemed to imply that it was true. Sure, there were those that quickly came to the defence of Unity, but that’s not what you want to see in a community. Regardless, I wanted to set the record straight with this article today. I really love the Unity 3d game engine, and I like Unreal too. …

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When it comes to new people wanting to dip their toes into the world of game development, there are always going to be a few questions. If you’re wondering about some of the more common questions for game developers, you’re in luck, we’ll be discussing a few of them here! Trying to get you more and more answers so you can get building your game today!

Do I Need to Have a Degree to Get Into Game Development?

This one’s an extremely easy question to answer. No, you absolutely do not need a degree to get into game development. Many children are even developing games using a variety of engines available to the public today. Whether you want to use Unity, Unreal, Godot, or whatever else you can imagine, there are thousands of tutorials available to help you get your game done. With Unity and Unreal you’ll have access to the Asset Store where you can purchase assets to help fill in the gaps that you may have in your development toolkit, or you can simply put your nose to the grindstone and build those skills up. …

If you have the dedication, you can teach yourself to become anything in your own time.

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Photo by Sean Lim on Unsplash

Game development. Utilities. Whatever it is you need or want. The world is not so complicated that with a little time or effort you won’t be able to lean into something and build it yourself. If you’re into cars there are plenty of hobbyists who can build one from scratch. If you’re into artificial intelligence there are plenty of hobbyists who can properly train and deploy a model. Nothing is out of reach in 2020 and beyond.

Forget About Needing an Education

I’ve struggled with this to be honest, and I’ve missed out on a lot of opportunities because my degree says, “Biochemistry,” instead of “Computer Sciences.” In the end though, am I really less qualified? I learned everything I know in my own time and at my own pace, I am able to compete against others who may have trodden down the path to a degree, why then do I find myself at a disadvantage in the job market? …

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Cotton-Technical on

It comes off as a bit of a joke doesn’t it? That an AI could run against, let alone win an election against a human. A human who is able to understand the subtle nuances that come with governing the voting public? Able to emotionally connect with their constituents, and understand their woes?

Why then am I even writing about it? It seems that a computer wouldn’t stand a chance against that right?


AI Can Be Very Decisive, and Compare Thousands of Data-points!

What if we’re wrong. What if a computer program, designed to actually balance the needs of the many, rather than simply those who hold it in power, is actually the better way to go? …

To garner faithful customers, you’re going to have to give them a taste first.

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Photo by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash

Counter-intuitive. Contradictory. Unpalatable.

These are words that I would use to describe what seem to be the most efficient means to make a buck online these days. You see, you’re competing against an entire eco-system full of free advice, articles, and information. You have to ask yourself, what makes your article stand out? What does your app offer that your competitors don’t? Why should we trust you?

I’m sure you have a million and one things to say to each of those points. I hope that you do. Unfortunately, in the milliseconds during which your potential hit considers clicking on your link, they’re not going to take the time to interview you. You aren’t important, neither are your competitors, for that matter. …

These three very common habits tried to ruin my life.

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Photo by ahmad gunnaivi on Unsplash

It started as a gnawing feeling. It didn’t seem like anything wrong, really, but it was constant. Worrying. I started yelling. The people closest to me didn’t deserve that, and I didn’t deserve to feel like I had to. Something was seriously wrong.

I tried counselling, I tried journaling, meditation, you name it. I didn’t want to be the constant stress case that I was. Minor things would set me off, and I truly had no idea how to control it. It was chaos. It was chaos in my mind. It was chaos in my soul.

Then came the palpitations. Great, I’m an angry middle-aged guy who’s going to have a heart attack. Absolutely splendid, right? I checked with my doctor, and due to some family history and my own history of eating too damn much, she did her due diligence and ordered some tests. Great news, my heart is absolutely fine. The palpitations, and the stress that they themselves brought on, however, disagreed. …

Tricks and Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Time as an Indie Developer

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Photo by Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash

Building a game from the ground up is an arduous task. When you start down that road as an independent developer you don’t know how long it’s going to take, how it’s going to be received, or whether or not it’s going to be worth it.

However, the sense of accomplishment that you’ll have released it into the world will be immeasurable, and you’ll never regret having done so. When I released my first game in 2016, Nimbus Lagoon, it was just a little tap and click game for iOS. It was not commercially successful, but I loved watching the downloads go up and up. …

It’s a longer process than you think, but so very rewarding

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Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

You’ve decided you want to build a game. You’ve downloaded Unity, clicked create a game, and… well, you don’t know where to go from here. Maybe you have programming experience. Perhaps you’ve built a game or two in the past. Whatever the case, you don’t feel confident enough to continue. You mothball your project. Years go by, and you may never build that game.

You don’t want that to be you, right?

With games these days, we often see the graphics, game mechanics, or even the fact that the AAA games are in 3D, and think to ourselves, “What can my snake clone possibly do to help me in my journey.” It’s a fair point, your 2D snake clone is not likely to pull in a lot of eyes, but at the same time, the basic mechanics of all games, 2D, 3D, VR, they’re all the same. If you can build snake, you can make a Unity game to be played on the upcoming X Box Series X. …


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